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About The Firm

Why Bergstein?

Because of the trust Bergstein inspires, the excellence of its service, and the integrity of its team highly identified with Jewish values. Because of its impeccable record for more than 60 years. Because Bergstein understands the clients’ needs for clear, concise and right to the point legal advice.

Independent publications consistently rank Bergstein among the top law firms in the country and highlight the quality of its service absolutely in line with international standards. The structure is sufficiently large to serve corporate clients and handle corporate transactions, yet flexible enough to focus personal attention and meet the needs of small businesses and individuals.

Profile and Philosophy

The firm combines the expertise of more than half a century with the dynamism and energy of a group of young professionals who make the firm today. The talent, dedication and expertise of its lawyers are its most valuable resources. Most of them teach at the most prestigious law schools and have done a career in the Academia. Many of them have completed international studies and worked in some of the most reputable law firms in the United States, Europe, Mexico and Brazil. Almost all of them are bilingual and are culturally familiar with the international business world: they understand client needs and what is expected from a professional.

The firm maintains long-standing relationships with top-tier international law firms. Bergstein perceives such relationships as an endorsement to the quality of its service. Work patterns at the firm have adapted to international standards, without ignoring local usages.

“The Firm combines the expertise of more than half a century with the dynamism and energy of a group of young professionals”

Bergstein was founded by Dr. Nahum Bergstein in 1957. Nahum Bergstein was widely recognized as one of the most prominent lawyers of his time. Mr. Bergstein was Professor of Criminal Law, Vice Minister of Education and Culture, member of the House of Deputies and member of the Senate of the Republic. At Congress, Mr. Bergstein authored and co-authored some of the most fundamental laws which contributed to shape the country in recent times, such as the Anti-Discrimination Act, the Anti-Corruption Act, and the amendments to both the Pledge and Security Act and the Copyright legislation.

Dr. Nahum Bergstein established the imprint that characterizes the firm today: the ethical dimension of the profession -not everything is permitted to gain a client-, the relentless pursuit of excellence, work as one of the greatest expressions of self-realization, and the continued search of client satisfaction, are the underpinnings which sustain the firm.

Bergstein started operations at 1361 Misiones Street, in the heart of the Old City (CiudadVieja). In 1964 Bergstein moved to Independence Square (Plaza Independencia), where it would stay for more than half a century. In 2008 offices were transferred to its current premises at the Liberty Building (“Edificio Libertad”), one of the most distinguished (and best preserved) “art-deco” buildings of Uruguay, just across the Supreme Court of Justice.In recent decades, Bergstein started a permanent internationalization process which continues today. The classical and traditional legal bureau became a multi-disciplinary organization which provides a wide array of professional services including tax consulting, accounting and payroll services, notary services and recruitment. The spectrum of activities now extends to all areas of law. The clientele of the firm is made up of companies of all sizes, ranging from multinational groups and family-owned business to nonprofit organizations, including natural and legal persons, national and foreign.