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International Newsletter – Uruguay: Green Hydrogen Generation Plant is Officially Launched

A few days ago, the National Government officially presented its project for the installation of a green hydrogen generation plant in Uruguay (the “Project”). Companies of the industry, financial institutions and other interested stakeholders can benefit from individual meetings with Governmental authorities and experts to better understand the Project, ask questions and get additional information. To participate in such meetings, interested companies are required to sign a letter or interest and a confidentiality agreement. Follows below a brief summary of the Project’s main characteristics: (i) The plant will have a minimum capacity of 1.5 MW, and will be established in a piece of land to be facilitated by the Government to the awarded company (free of charge). (ii) The hydrogen will be used by heavy transport vehicles such as buses and trucks. (iii) The bidding company will be required to submit an agreement executed with a company operating a minimum of ten (10) trucks of seventeen (17) tons in weight, or nine (9) buses of nine (9) meters long. (iv) The bidding process will take place next semester. (v) The concession will be granted for a 10-year-term. (vi) The awarded company will benefit from broad tax exemptions. ________________ The above communication has been prepared just for information purposes. It cannot be construed as legal advice provided by Bergstein Abogados. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Domingo Pereira ( and/or Guzmán Ramírez (